33 Weeks Pregnant

I am getting closer and closer to my due date! I have 47 days, give or take, left to be pregnant and boy I cannot wait to meet my new little bundle of joy! I cannot also wait to get my body and life back. I love having children and I love every single baby... Continue Reading →


30 Weeks Pregnant

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant. I couldn't be more excited. In less than 10 weeks I will be holding my precious little boy. Time has really went by with this pregnancy. I am feeling a little bit more fatigued since I am getting my 3 children on a new routine. My son is homeschooled... Continue Reading →

Finding My Inner Bull

This pregnancy has taught me a lot so far. I have learned more of what I will and will not tolerate from another adult. I have learned more patience with my children. I am living a greener and healthier life for me and my children. I have taken in two cats who needed a loving... Continue Reading →

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