22 weeks pregnant update

My munchkin is 11 inches long now and laying down in there like he is on a sofa. I can only imagine the type of personality he will have once he is here.  I went to the thrift store the  other day and got a whole bunch of  Gerber onesises for 75 cents each. I... Continue Reading →


Thrift Store Shopping

The thrift store is an amazing place to shop for children. It saves you money and it is also good for the environment.  You will be able to find many quality pieces of clothing for about 70% off, depending on what thrift store you decide to shop in.  My favorite thrift store is the Unique... Continue Reading →

Thrift store find: Dinnerware

I got two bowls and two plates for a total of $4.50 at my local unique Thrift store. I couldn't pass up the beautiful design of these plates. They are in perfect condition and I cannot wait to use them tonight after I cook dinner. This was definitely a mommy win!

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