Cloth diapers on a budget: Blankets as Diapers

Cloth diapers are often marketed as the cheapest solution to our never ending diaper need and as a way to cut costs. Cloth diapers in fact do cut costs and are a very good alternative to disposable diapers. Even using cloth diapers part time can help many parents who are struggling financially. But here's the... Continue Reading →


Moms Explain Why They Switched To Cloth Diapers

I asked moms from the Black Women do Cloth Diaper community to share the reasons why they made the switch to cloth. I asked one simple question: Why did you make the switch to cloth? The answers are amazing and inspiring! Here is what they had to say: "My husband lost his job while I... Continue Reading →

3 months postpartumĀ 

 I can't believe that three months have gone by. I feel like I gave birth almost 9 months ago but clearly that is not the case. Maybe it has something to do with being a mom of 4 now. I am finally getting into the swing of things. I have a better routine now that... Continue Reading →

DIY: Cloth diaper safe diaper cream

I made this homemade diaper cream to use on my babies bottoms. It is a mixture of pure, unrefined coconut oil and Pure cornstarch. I used my old Burts bees multipurpose ointment jar to store it. I did not use any exact measurements. I poured in about 4 tablespoons of cornstarch and then I added... Continue Reading →

Sewing machine problems

I recently purchased a singer promise sewing machine. I wanted to sew my flour sack towels into inserts so that I would no longer have to fold them to stuff my pocket diapers. I was able to sew about three into inserts. Then my needle broke two times in a row. Now mind you, I... Continue Reading →

Ammonia in my cloth diapers

OK, where do I start? I ordered some pre loved diapers on ebay. They were a great deal, 26 diapers for $70. They came in the mail and I was shocked at the condition they were in. They were terribly stained and stiff like boards. They had never been washed in a mainstream detergent, which... Continue Reading →

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