3 months postpartum 

 I can't believe that three months have gone by. I feel like I gave birth almost 9 months ago but clearly that is not the case. Maybe it has something to do with being a mom of 4 now. I am finally getting into the swing of things. I have a better routine now that... Continue Reading →


My Natural Birth Story

I am 36 weeks and 4 days. I will be 37 weeks on Monday.  It is a relief to know that soon enough I will be holding my brand new baby boy! I have already packed my hospital bag because I had my last child at exactly 37 weeks. The pregnancy terms have changed since... Continue Reading →

My DIY ring sling

Tonight I made my own ring sling. The fabric I used was quilters cotton. It is not recommended in a single layer but it is OK to use in a double layer, and that is exactly what I did. I had enough material to fold it in half. I ordered 3 yards of fabric. I... Continue Reading →

Balboa baby ring sling

I love Target, I think most moms do. I went a few days ago and I always check out the sale section for children or clearance in the baby isles. I happen to come across this ring sling. It was priced  at $17.98 even though it was originally priced for much more as you can... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Me and my daughter as she drifts to sleep in the Moby wrap. She is truly content when she is placed against me. I enjoy it so much to be able to provide such comfort to my baby. It Truly is a beautiful thing to be a mother. It is a blessing and I appreciated... Continue Reading →

Moby wrap review

This is the Moby wrap. I have had this for about two years and this is my first time using it. I can't believe it! I bought it before the birth of my second child and I just never put it to use. This is going to sound crazy but I just couldn't figure out... Continue Reading →

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