Cloth diapers on a budget: Blankets as Diapers

Cloth diapers are often marketed as the cheapest solution to our never ending diaper need and as a way to cut costs. Cloth diapers in fact do cut costs and are a very good alternative to disposable diapers. Even using cloth diapers part time can help many parents who are struggling financially. But here's the thing, many parents can't afford to buy a whole stash at one time, especially when food needs to be bought. $25 a diaper can be a daunting price for some. This is where I have a solution. My solution to cut the cost of cloth diapers is using thrift stores and blankets. It sounds pretty strange but I promise you will see my point in a few sentences. Items at the thrift store are already heavily discounted. Things that are already cheap at regular price are almost free at thrift stores. Many know that receiving blankets and cotton blankets in general can be used as flat cloth diapers. At a local thrift store you can buy cotton baby blankets for under $1 a blanket. This price cannot be beat unless, of course someone buys you a stash and gifts it to you. Baby blankets are incredibly absorbent. They can be used both during the day and at night. If more absorbency is needed a Insert can be added so you can get longer wear time at night. Baby blankets also are easy to both machine and hand wash. They also dry very quickly with air drying. This allows for a parent to be able to use less diapers and thus use their money for something else. Tight on a budget? Run to your local thrift store, buy some blankets and put your diaper covers to good use.


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