Ankalia Leaf Dance Experience

I had a wonderful experience with this gorgeous wrap by Ankalia Textiles;  its name is Leaf Dance and it is a collaboration with Elizabeth Close. The wrap is made out of 100% cotton. It has a purple side and a deep red side. There is a middle marker so that you can evenly distribute the wrap around your body.  The size I used is my base, which is a 4.  I used the wrap with my 4 month old son. He loves being wrapped! I used Leaf Dance for walks around my neighborhood. I liked that I was able to wrap it smoothly over my coat. It glided around each layer without much effort and it held my back tie nicely. My son was well supported and I didn’t feel any tension on my back or shoulders.  One thing I loved about Leaf Dance is, it became incredibly smooth and soft after one washing. It wont take much to fully break in this wrap. The stretch is amazing! It contours to the body nicely while giving the support that woven wraps are known for.  I love that the wrap has two different colors. Its like having two wraps in one!16508254_10211969444662616_6936346988062773706_n



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