Vinyl Madness Mama Review

I was sent these lovely organic reusable facial rounds and a 100% cotton body scrubber by Vinyl Madness Mama. This is my first time using reusable body products besides a wash cloth, so I am very excited to have products that can last me months if not years! I have been using them for a few days now. I used the facial rounds with my Elevated facial cleanser. The facial rounds are very soft and absorb water quickly. They are made out of organic cotton. I rubbed it on my face in a circular motion. The facial rounds exfoliate my skin. They picked up a lot of the dead skin that is on my face since the winter makes my skin flake. I also used th facial rounds to rinse my face. The rounds rinsed clean of soap and rinsed the residue soap off my face. I plan on using these rounds for my morning makeup routine. I love that they are reusable. NO more throwing things in the trash! This certainly helps with my journey to becoming a minimalist! These can be hand washed, which is what I have been doing and then allowing them to air dry. Now on to my favorite item so far, the cotton body scrubber!! I absolutely love this scrubbie! I used it on my 3 month old and he loves it. He doesn’t really like wash cloths so I said why not give this a try instead. It washes all his little rolls gently and effectively! It gets rid of any rough patches of skin he may have and he feels so soft afterwards. I also used the srubbie to wash my face.  I must say that it will be replacing my face scrubbing pads that I buy regularly from Target. I felt my face was deeply cleaned when I used it. My face was smooth, all my dead skin had been lifted away. Once I rinsed it out, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it had been used. It is machine washable which is a huge plus! I am loving that I can just throw this in with my clothes or hand wash. I can say goodbye to spending money on poufs that I will just throw in the trash after each use.  These products are definitely ecofriendly and they are insanely affordable. You can buy one for yourself, kids, spouse, mom and dad lol.


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