Moms Explain Why They Switched To Cloth Diapers


I asked moms from the Black Women do Cloth Diaper community to share the reasons why they made the switch to cloth. I asked one simple question: Why did you make the switch to cloth? The answers are amazing and inspiring! Here is what they had to say:

“My husband lost his job while I was pregnant. Then I found out what was in sposies. Even though hubby got another job, cloth just felt right and we’ve stuck with it and love it.”

“Because the prints are cute.. I wanted to try something out of the box… and it was a huge inconvenience when baby runs out of diapers in the middle of the night and nobody wants to go to the store lol”

“We couldn’t afford to keep buying disposables. With my son, we had to always try to “stretch” what was left until we had more money to buy another pack or box. I didn’t want to go through that this time with my daughter. I actually switched my son to cloth a month before I potty trained him (also a month before I was due with my daughter) so it helped with practice. I could keep buying trainers or diapers. I also hated that you got less and less (disposable diapers) when you go up sizes.”

“Because I’m cheap. No because we lived in Alaska. Winter starts in September and ends in June. I was not about to be making any midnight runs for diapers in all that. I’m not a snow person.”

“I was curious. I remember watching YouTube videos on diaper bags. I was interested in a JuJuBe. And one of the moms used cloth diapers. I laughed and said omg they still make those. So out of curiosity I looked up more videos on cloth diapers. Now my interest was peaked. I sat down with the info I had and did a few calculations and said oh snap we can save so much money. Omg. So I researched all the way up until it was time to push. And here we are 15 months later. My kids are 10, 5 and 1. I was exhausted of keeping up with the norms and honestly I didn’t see anything wrong trying something different with my new baby.”

“My contribution to help the environment, cheaper overall and the dang prints are soooooo cute!”

“I spent so much on disposables with my older children, and now that I’m a little older and a little wiser I know I don’t have to go with the mainstream. I also stopped listening to reasons why I shouldn’t cloth diaper from people who had never tried it.”

“I switched because we were unexpectedly expecting our third and I wanted to save money. At the time my husband had just lost his job of 13 years and was only working a part time bringing less than $200 a week. I wasn’t working at the time so saving money was a priority. I first switched my one year old from pull ups to cloth diapers at night and her skin irritation that we’d been dealing with cleared up. That’s when I realized she must’ve been allergic to the disposables. I’d also looked into more natural disposables but it was way cheaper to cloth than to buy the organic/ more natural disposables.”

“I’ve always said I’d be as natural as possible as a mother. I had a co worker introduce me to cloth and Babywearing before I was even thinking about giving birth and I was in love. It just makes sense. Safer for baby, cheaper for my wallet, better for the environment; winning all the way around.”

“6 years ago we were like on our last 5 dollars and and our last two diapers it’s was days before pay day I was on YouTube and just happened to come across a cloth diaper video I had a ton of burping cloths and had no idea they were diapers when I got some money I went a got plastic pants from Walmart and figured it out I’m a lot better at it now but I’m glad I came Across that video.”

“We spent so much money with our daughter on diapers. Maybe we didn’t spend a fortune. But when your deciding between diapers and gas for the cars it’s a lot. I actually used cloth trainers with my daughter. And since I’m a sahm now I figured the way I could help out was spend the little bit of what we needed to get started ($135) and be done with spending money monthly on diapers. My family all think I’m crazy, but they thought that about me breastfeeding the past 6 months.  At the end of the day it comes down to what your comfortable with.  I’m comfortable not deciding between necessities for my family.”

“I was in college and working nights at BRU. We were running out of diapers from my baby shower and I couldn’t really afford to buy more. I ran out of diapers one day and used a Gerber prefold instead. I was sold.”

“Initially I was very nervous. Like how am I going to do this. All the poop, where is it going to go. But thankfully I joined some groups that made it easier for me to understand. But then i was informed about the million types of diaper variations there are.  Everyone told me you will figure it out as you go along; I did. I found that flour sack towels and prefolds and a cover were super easy for many months then I went to AIO’s. I’ve pretty much stuck with those and still use them on my 15 month old. My washing routine was rough at first but now it’s just routine and easy.”

“I was pregnant with my 2nd and saw photos of this girl I went to high school with using them on her son. I reached out to her to get more information because I remembered how we struggled with purchasing disposables and how much we literally depended on family with my 1st. I didn’t want to do that again.”

“The amount of trash produced by disposables, and the cost of buying diapers. Trying to have a baby as cheaply as possible in NYC (with the huge childcare costs) made cloth the obvious choice.”

“I was told it was too hard, my mom kept saying they made it easier with disposables. So I was determined to see just how “hard” it was. She passed before I started, I wish she could’ve seen the new diapers.”

“I switched because disposables couldn’t contain my little mans poop. I was tired of cleaning up poop off of everything. I never even knew cloth was a thing until someone suggested it in a mom group. With all the benefits I will definitely be doing cloth from birth with the next kiddo.”

“Money lol”

“We received a ridiculous amount of diapers at Ben’s shower. They lasted seven months. When I saw them dwindling I couldn’t imagine buying diapers every month. So we made the switch when we were down to our last box of sposies. I’ll be doing the same for Adam. We’ve already been greatly gifted with newborns- size 2. So he’ll roll right into cloth when they’re all gone.”

“After using cloth when our six year old was a baby and saving tons of money, there was no doubt in our minds that we would use cloth for our twins. We use affordable brands and also use cloth wipes. We have five girls and we believe that we are also paving their way to financial freedom when they have children. We are teaching them that there are more affordable options. We also believe in natural parenting and keeping chemicals at bay. Using cloth gives us comfort in that area as well.”

“First because I wanted to do my part to minimize my carbon footprint. Then when I saw how much money I would save especially buying second hand and I totally liked all the prints.”

“Honestly I am voracious reader and because I had not had a baby in nearly a decade, l was curious about all the new products in baby world, I subscribed to the and low and behold they were talking about how to save money on diapers, cloth diapering was their first suggestion, I jumped in whole hog and never looked back. sold my husband on the idea to save money, don’t tell him we not saving any , because I keep buying diapers.”

“I left my career to move with my husband to Germany. We went down to one salary. I wrote a piece about it and it’s on the main page at Black Women Do Cloth Diaper.”

“I was tired of spending hundreds of dollars on diapers that pollute the earth and are full of chemicals. For me, it was about saving money, the environmental impact, and keeping those chemicals off my babies.”
“I always knew I wanted to use cloth to save money and the environment. Also an added bonus is that they are so (much) cuter than disposable diapers. Though I only clothed my older son for 6 months and very part time after that, I hated spending my hard earned money on poop catchers that would go in the trash after one use. I also did not have a good wash routine down pat which made things harder. I vowed to be much more prepared the next time around and I truly am.”
“I think I was watching a YouTube video about baby wearing and the mom also cloth diapered. I was hooked from a cost standpoint. . I remember telling everyone not to buy diapers bc were using cloth. Everyone doubted that I would stick with. Now three kids later we still at it. I couldn’t imagine diapers for the twins. Thank God for cloth.”
 Cloth had many benefits to it and can save families thousands of dollars. Cloth diapers are one solution to ending diaper need in America. Families can safely diaper their children without worrying about harsg chemicals or spending money on diapers that can be used for something else. Why did you make the switch to cloth?



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