3 months postpartum 

 I can’t believe that three months have gone by. I feel like I gave birth almost 9 months ago but clearly that is not the case. Maybe it has something to do with being a mom of 4 now. I am finally getting into the swing of things. I have a better routine now that my baby is a bit older and no longer in the newborn stage. Babywearing has saved my sanity. I would not be able to get anything done of it wasn’t for woven wraps and soft structured carriers.  Woven wraps are just about my favorite so far. The different designs make them so easy to fall in love with. My  three older children love having a baby brother. They are always eager to help out and get involved.  It puts a smile on my face each and every time. I am exclusively breastfeeding and so far he is my longest breastfed baby. I am very proud of that. I always wanted to be able to breastfeed for as long as possible. I finally got the opportunity with my 4th baby. He doesn’t take bottles or pacifiers, so it’s strictly breasts for him. Shockingly, not using bottles makes life a bit easier for me, especially at night time. No mixing or having to fully wake up. I just pop a boobin his mouth and we both drift off to dream land. We have been exclusively using cloth diapers we came home from the hospital. I converted my stash to fitteds and prefolds and covers. I have a few aios for when we are outside and I don’t have time to put on two separate diaper pieces. Things are slowly falling into place in ny home and I love it.


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