36 Weeks Pregnant

I am 36 weeks and 4 days. I will be 37 weeks on Monday.  It is a relief to know that soon enough I will be holding my brand new baby boy! I have already packed my hospital bag because I had my last child at exactly 37 weeks. The pregnancy terms have changed since then.  37 weeks is considered early term while 39-40 weeks is considered full term and 41-42 weeks is considered late term. I haven’t went past 39 weeks before so I am  assuming that I will have my baby before the end of october hopefully. I was planning on throwing my guys a halloween party since we moved into a bigger space that allows for more fun. I also plan on taking them trick or treating. In my ideal world of plans I will deliver november 1st. That would allow my kids to have an awesome halloween free of visiting me in the hospital.  I have been drinking raspberry leaf tea everyday since my second trimester.  It is supposed to help with labor and delivery.  This is the first pregnancy that I drank raspberry tea throughout.  I will say that I had less nausea this pregnancy than my other 3.  i usually get extremely nauseous in the 1st and 2nd trimester making it almost impossible to do daily tasks. I haven’t had any swelling of my feet or hands this time around. I still have recurring hip pain that makes me want to scream each and every night. I do not take pain killers so you can imagine how much fun that is for me. Lets see how long it takes for the new baby to get here!


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