33 Weeks Pregnant

I am getting closer and closer to my due date! I have 47 days, give or take, left to be pregnant and boy I cannot wait to meet my new little bundle of joy! I cannot also wait to get my body and life back. I love having children and I love every single baby that I bring into this world more than I love life itself BUT I need some time to not be pregnant and remember what it feels like to not have a baby growing inside of me. I have been pregnant every year since I turned 21. It is safe to say 5 years and 4 pregnancies later that my body is tired and I need a break. I need time , actually a few years for my body to feel like itself again. I need time to heal both mentally and physically. I am ready to embark on the breastfeeding train while jumping off of the pregnancy train. I have been feeling somewhat ok so far as woman-163617_1280I get further along. I still have hip pain and it drives me crazy but hopefully it will go away soon after I give birth. I am still preparing myself for a natural birth. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a bit afraid or intimidated by the idea of it.  I am trying to keep a positive mind and be open minded about my birth plan. I have gained about 32 pounds in this pregnancy and I am sure that I will gain up to 50 pounds by the time I go into labor. I haven’t seen any new stretch marks on my body which is awesome but I still need to keep up oiling my body. I can not wait to update you guys on week 34! Stay tuned!!


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