Two positions for moving a baby down the birth canal

Childbirth is unique to each woman who experiences it.  Laying on your back has been shown to not be that productive when giving birth but it seems to be the western standard whenever a woman is about to deliver her baby.  Laying down does not allow for the hips to be able to open to their full potential and it doesn’t allow for gravity to help the mother deliver her baby from the womb.  There are many positions that do allow for gravity to do its job thus making it easier for the baby to slide out of the birth canal. Here are two  positions:

Squatting: Squatting during labor and delivery has and is practiced in many cultures. It allows for gravity to help the baby move down the birth canal. Many women have said it brings some much needed relief during contractions and they feel that they do not have to push as hard or strain as much to deliver their baby. Squatting opens and widens the hips and pelvic bones. It can also help ease back pain that is associated with labor.

On all fours or kneeling:  Kneeling seems to be effective against back labor which can be quite painful. It helps encourage the baby to slide deeper into the birth canal for delivery. It can also help a baby change their position during labor. You can lean on a chair or wrap your arms around a close family member, doula or partner. Have your partner or doula massage your back and legs while you are kneeling to relax your muscles and to bring you some comfort through the contractions.

There are many, many different positions to help women glide through labor. Labor is hard work and it is not easy but it can be made more comfortable by trying different positions and movements to help speed up the process of giving birth.


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