Pregnancy update: 29 weeks & ramblings


I am sitting here on my couch, petting my cat Huxley who seems to only want to hang out with me when the children are sleep. I guess he enjoys the quiet and I enjoy being able to pet him without interruption. He is a very sweet cat and I am thankful that I took him off of craigslist and gave him a home.  My other cat Goldie is sitting across from me looking around and listening to the sounds coming across from the balcony. I find this time of night to be peaceful. My floors have been mopped and swept. They are clean and the process will have to take place again tomorrow. I have somewhat settled into my new apartment and I am looking forward to seeing how the decor comes along in the next few months. Once it is complete or close to complete I will do a blog and vlog on it to show my readers.  I have been overwhelmed with running after three kids while being pregnant. I  have even hung up my dry erase board so that I can use it as a giant to-do list. It has been pretty helpful today and I am hopeful that it will continue to help me get through my days.

I am 29 weeks pregnant now. I am officially in my third trimester. I am much closer to meeting my little man. I think I am well prepared for his arrival as far as materialistic items go. I have been reading blogs on life with 4 children and I do not know if I am ready yet! Ha! I am aware that there is not that big of a difference between having 3 kids and 4 kids. I have to work on my time management and getting things done around the house. I am still not sure if this will be my last baby. I know however, that he will be my last baby until I finish school and get my career started. He is moving around a lot inside of womb. I can see his movements from the outside. It is interesting. He weighs 2 pounds. I will have my growth ultrasound in the next week or so to track his growth and development.  I have been drinking the Happy Mama Tea and that tea is delicious. It is the only tea that I can drink without needing to add sugar. It is tasteless when it is plain. My hip pain has increased as I expected it to.  It has went further into my pelvis on the right side. It hurts whenever I move or lift my right leg. Sigh. My cat, Huxley has returned to the couch to be petted . I will love him up some more and I will chat with you guys next time.


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