Finding My Inner Bull


This pregnancy has taught me a lot so far. I have learned more of what I will and will not tolerate from another adult. I have learned more patience with my children. I am living a greener and healthier life for me and my children. I have taken in two cats who needed a loving home. I am giving myself freely and keeping myself from those who do not deserve my time or patience. I am working on becoming more peaceful. I am mediating to keep an inner calm within myself so that I am always emotionally centered. It is hard work but I must push through it in order to become a better person and parent for my children. I have to put myself first. I have to make myself happy so that I can give all the love and joy to my wonderful children. I want them to see what having a happy mother means. They need to see an example of a person who can always find the good in a situation. I want to be that person for my children. Being a mother is a very hard job and there is no right way to do it. As long as I am trying my hardest to love and guide my kids in the most positive direction, I am sure that they will turn out just fine when they are adults. I had to find my inner bull so that I can keep pushing even when I want to give up and go in a corner and hide for a day or two. My inner bull is what keeps me going and keeps me on track. I am glad that my inner bull has showed up just in the nick of time.


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