Pregnancy: How I found out I was pregnant with baby #4


I found out I was pregnant just like most women in America by taking an early at home pregnancy test. Me and my partner were using spermicide as a form of birth control and we were also pulling out. I know, I know not the best way or even really effective way of preventing pregnancy but it worked for a very long time up until he didn’t pull out. Sigh. This is where the story begins. My period was late. I didn’t think anything of it at first. It had been late before in the 14 years that I had a period. I waited around for another week and then I suggested to HIM that I would go buy a pregnancy test just to make sure that if I was pregnant I could get prenatal care right away. I walked to CVS and bought a test. I took it home and used it right away, after I ate some snacks of course. The test showed two lines right away. I was excited as I always am when I find out I am bringing another wonderful baby into the world. Another person for me to love?!? I was so excited about that. Another part of me was forming. So I called HIM and told him. I thought that he would at least give me a congrats since this would be our 4th child together, boy was I wrong. I probably would have gotten a better response from a stranger on the street. At least they would have pretended to be interested in what I was saying. They would have smiled and said that is wonderful news. But NO!! I didnt get any of that from HIM.  Instead I was told that I was being illogical in not wanting to have an abortion. Please keep in mind that I did my part in using the spermicide and he was the one who neglected to pull out because ejaculating inside a woman is so more important than doing your role to prevent a pregnancy. So anyway….I was shocked but not really. I told him that I was keeping the baby since I personally do not believe in abortion, for myself and myself alone. I believe every woman has a right to choose and I made my choice. He went on and on trying to convince me to get an abortion even a few weeks after I told him, he still continued. I was told that its not even a human to which I responded if it is not a human then what the hell is it? A puppy? because I am pretty sure the DNA is human. After that I didn’t want to talk to HIM about my baby anymore. I wanted to bond with the new life that was forming inside of me. I started preparing for him before I even knew he was a he. I started getting him clothes and cloth diapers. I needed him to know that he was a wanted baby. I talked to him and told him that I want and love him just as much as I love my other children. I told him that he was and is welcome in my womb. HIM has been better and I guess has come to grips with the fact that this baby is coming and even had name suggestions which I find ironic…why do you want to name the baby that you never wanted and suggested I get rid of?  HIM seems happy about the arrival but feels the need to always add a disclaimer about him not wanting anymore kids but yet HIM doesn’t want to get a vasectomy and doesnt want to use condoms….you figure it out reader because I am stumped. I cannot go on hormonal birth control and he knows that. SIGH. So finding out I was pregnant was not a very pleasant experience since I was the only one happy about my precious son coming into the world.


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