Featured Business: Musa M OO N


Musa Moon is the one stop place for all of your herbal needs for before, during and after pregnancy. Breastfeeding can be difficult and every now and then a mom needs help maintaining or increasing her milk supply especially if she is returning to work or wants to make a breast milk stash in her freezer.  Musa Moon has a tea that helps increase your supply naturally. Need help relaxing and finding peace during your day? There is a tea for that! They also sell awesome t-shirts that display the tea lover in you. The store sports a variety of teas and blends for your choosing at wonderfully affordable prices (which I love!!). Oils to help you achieve peace can also be found. We can all use a little peace and relaxation from time to time, I know I do especially with 3 kids running around. I fell in love with how all items are displayed on the site. Their mission statement is:

Musa M OO N .

It’s a movement / lifestyle

My Purpose is to promote conscious thinking, to encourage others to care more about themselves. Lets put the Power back within ! We depend on man for healing, when it’s qalready provided by our creator. I’m here to help everyone with the knowledge of self-healing, trusting ourselves, and remaining grounded, while growing in my own journey.

For anyone looking to start over or to support natural holistic living. ages : baby to adult

I am …. A herbalist, A breastfeeding Mother who initially created loose tea blends to support pregnant mamas preparing for birth and a lactation support tea to help produce more breast milk.

Please take a look and shop HERE.  I promise it will be worth it!


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