Is a natural birth for me?


I am not really good with pain. The worst pain that I ever felt in my life was recovering from knee surgery. I didn’t want to move and couldn’t wait for physical therapy to strengthen and help my knee heal. I have been in labor three times and two of the three times were not painful. I think I got lucky or I was completely unaware of my body, which can be the case!  I hardly felt my contractions. The birth of my first daughter was painful. I was unprepared for the pain because I didn’t read any books on how to cope with labor pain. I never researched any breathing techniques or ways to naturally cope with labor pain. This time I want to do things completely different. I have been reading and finishing several books a week on childbirth, pregnancy and labor. The amount of videos in my natural birth playlist on YouTube gets bigger every night. I am fascinated by these women and what their bodies can do. I shouldn’t be shocked or even impressed by this because giving birth in hospitals and being on all types of medications is something very new to the world of labor and childbirth. And even now majority of women in this world give birth without pain medication. The female body has always been able to give birth free of medical intervention. So there lies my question: is natural birth for me? Hell yes it is!! I believe that with more reading and practicing the techniques that I learn, I can successfully have a natural birth. I get somewhat scared when people share their horror stories about birth but then I have to remember if you say your birth is going to be horrible and painful, it most likely will be because you are making that a truth for yourself. I plan to keep positive the entire time. It takes a lot of will power and strength but first time moms do it all the time. Its built into women’s bodies how to give birth and instincts guide us through the process. A few people have told me ridiculous things when I said i wanted a natural birth. One person told me that i am going to die from the pain. Which is a terrible thing to say,by the way. I refuse to listen to those people. I feel I can do this. I am going to prepare myself to do this. Join me on my journey to hopefully having a successful natural birth.


2 thoughts on “Is a natural birth for me?

  1. It’s for me too 🙂 I remember too people telling me, take all the drugs! I didn’t need them at all. Pushing was intense, but everything else was extremely manageable.

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