10 Things To Do During “Me Time”

youth-active-jump-happy-40815Me time, Oh! Me time. Sometimes “me time” is a damn unicorn. I have been searching for “me time” for a while now. I find it on the rarest occasions. I usually find it and then something pops into my head that I need to do and I end up telling “me time” that I will catch her later. I’ve decided that I am going to hang out with “me time” a lot more since she provides a great amount of support and feeds my soul. Here are 10 things that you can do when you finally catch her and get a chance to actually hang out for more than 10 minutes.


  1. Read your favorite book.  Nothing feels better than curling up with a good book that leaves you feeling full and refreshed after you put it down.
  2. Take a long bath. I love taking a warm bath and adding some coconut oil and epsom salt to make it soothing. If you have colorful and tasty smelling bath bombs, even better!
  3. Take a nap!! I know, for some of us the last thing we want to do during “me time” is take a nap. It’s like we will miss out on what we need to do BUT if you have been exhausted, a nap will surely make you feel better.
  4. Go outdoors. I don’t care what anyone says. Going outside and breathing in the fresh air and observing your surroundings does something for the mommy soul.
  5.  Watch a movie that you have been dying to see ALONE. Take yourself to the theater or turn on your Netflix or Hulu and watch a movie. Live as a secret agent for a little bit. Go climb that mountain or fight that bear, whatever they do in movies. Ha!
  6. Turn off your phone!! I mean it. Turn off your phone and unwind and unplug from the world. Leave your kids with a trusted friend or family member and turn your phone off. You will be amazed how relaxing it can be NOT to receive a text message or phone call.
  7. Call up a long-lost dear friend. Havent spoken to your best friend in a while? Call her up and have a nice chat and catch up on each others lives. I know that when I call my best friend who lives in Miami (I am SOOO jealous) I feel refreshed and like I can tackle the day.
  8. Write in your journal. I keep a journal as a way to remember what is going on in my life and also as a way to get rid of stress from life. It can be nice to put your thoughts down on paper without any judgements or opinions.
  9. Get a massage. I know that getting a massage can be expensive depending on where you live but some salons have specials where a 10 minute massage is $20. I’ve even seen some at rates of $45 for an hour-long massage. Sounds like heaven to me.
  10. Do what you have been dying to do! Go for that walk! Start that website, or take that online class. Get it out your system. You’d be surprised at how you can form a healthy habit just by starting somewhere, why not today?

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