Baby Essentials: I am going Used only

I have challenged myself to buy absolutely everything used for my new baby due this fall. I have bought all of his clothing so far from thrift stores and hand me downs that I kept from my previous children. I am now looking for a new used playpen since my toddlers poked a hole in the mesh siding. I can possibly find one for under $15. I am also looking to get a used high chair as well. I will be checking out my favorite thrift stores on a regular basis until I find something that I like. I found that I save a lot more money by thrifting instead of buying everything brand new. I also like the different items that I find. I have to finish stocking up on cloth diapers so that I can have a decent stash by the time that he arrives. I use apps on my phone like ebay, and varage sale to find more items at incredible discounts. I’ve been on the hunt for gDiapers. I am still looking for that perfect deal.



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