22 weeks pregnant update

My munchkin is 11 inches long now and laying down in there like he is on a sofa. I can only imagine the type of personality he will have once he is here.  I went to the thrift store the  other day and got a whole bunch of  Gerber onesises for 75 cents each. I also got a bunch of Medela  breastmilks storage bags at 2 for $1. Today is the 50% off sale at the thrift store but I’m not to sure if I am going to go just yet.  I went to Macy’s Backstage and got the cutest muslin swaddling blankets and some bibs for him. I plan on swaddling this time around. I tried it before with my other children but I had no idea what I was doing so of course I was unsuccessful in all of my attempts. My bra size has jumped from a B cup to a C cup. Regular bras are not that comfortable anymore. I am also starting to experience itching of my skin. That means it is time to start applying cocoa butter, coconut oil, and shea butter to my skin. Those three really help with soothing itching pregnancy skin and they also help prevent strecth marks, at least from my experience.  Im finally past the halfway mark. November here we come. Winter baby clothes tend to just be spectacularly cute!! I am trying to cut down on the stress I am experiencing.  I know stressing during pregnancy is not healthy at all so I am trying to find better ways to cope. I am also experiencing hip pain when I’ve been very active during the day. Maybe some rest tonight will help me feel better in the morning.

Muslin blankets and bibs from Macy’s Backstage

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