Video: Natural Birth Tips

Here are two videos that I find very helpful in preparing for a natural birth.


Finding My Inner Bull

This pregnancy has taught me a lot so far. I have learned more of what I will and will not tolerate from another adult. I have learned more patience with my children. I am living a greener and healthier life for me and my children. I have taken in two cats who needed a loving... Continue Reading →

Featured Business: Musa M OO N

Musa Moon is the one stop place for all of your herbal needs for before, during and after pregnancy. Breastfeeding can be difficult and every now and then a mom needs help maintaining or increasing her milk supply especially if she is returning to work or wants to make a breast milk stash in her... Continue Reading →

Is a natural birth for me?

I am not really good with pain. The worst pain that I ever felt in my life was recovering from knee surgery. I didn't want to move and couldn't wait for physical therapy to strengthen and help my knee heal. I have been in labor three times and two of the three times were not... Continue Reading →

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