Pregnancy Update: 21 weeks

I have been feeling really good these last couple of days.  My pregnancy has been a breeze so far. I havent had any major hip pain, which is a huge blessing for me. In my previous pregnancies, I was in pain almost everyday to the point of not wanting to move.  I think this is a result of me eating a healthier diet and being more active. Being pregnant in the summer time allows me go outdoors more and stay out more. This summer has been pretty mild so far. In July it will probably be scorching hot and I will be miserable.  As long as there are sundresses, I will survive. I had my anatomy ultrasound and everything so far is good. The baby is developing at a normal rate. I cannot wait to meet him. I don’t have to go back to the doctor for at least a month, which is a relief. Going to the doctor every 2 weeks is somewhat annoying after a while. My OBGYN practice is absolutely amazing. I get to see my baby every single time that I go in. They provide 3D and 4D ultrasounds that are paid for by insurance. The technicians take their time when trying to get a good picture of your baby.  I have started accumulating more clothing for him and I am considering gDiapers for my cloth diaper routine. They have disposable liners that decompose over time and they are also flushable. The idea of still being able to use cloth without all of the laundry makes me excited. I will be looking for good deals online, like usual. I will have another pregnancy update soon.


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