Thrift Store Shopping

The thrift store is an amazing place to shop for children. It saves you money and it is also good for the environment.  You will be able to find many quality pieces of clothing for about 70% off, depending on what thrift store you decide to shop in.  My favorite thrift store is the Unique chain of thrift stores in NYC. I also like GoodWill but I do not go there as much as I go to Unique. Unique has an app in the Play Store and in the App store on the iPhone.  The app alerts you to when they are having 50% off entire merchandise days. Mondays and Thursdays are 25% off each week.  I only shop on the days that discounts are offered because it helps me save more money. I was able to get a fall jacket for my 1 year old for a $1 the other day! I also got her an Old Navy rose patterned romper for a $1 as well.  I particularly love shopping at thrift stores in the summer because it seems that there is more to choose from than in the winter time.  There is an abundant amount of dresses and shorts for my children.  I love the fact that I am living a greener life style by reusing clothes.  Thrift store clothes also contain less chemicals than brand new clothes becuase they have been pre loved and washed multiple times. I also do an additional wash of the clothes that I buy, just to be on the safe side since I have no idea who previously owned the clothing or where they came from.

I have been trying to replace all of my non-stick pots. The stuff that they use to coat those pots are not good for our bodies. I have been able to get stainless steel pots and pans for less than $6 a piece.  I also get rugs for my bathroom as well since I like to rotate them out so that they stay fresh and don’t develop that mildew smell.  I am looking into getting some shower curtains for the bathroom as well but for some reason I have made my way to that section yet. And I do not know why! I’m sure I would be able to find an awesome curtain for dirt cheap.

Glass and ceramic baking and cookware are expensive considering that I am replacing all of my plastic containers and storage with glass and ceramic ones. Every time that I buy a glass mason jar or ceramic storage container for rice and spaghetti, I throw a plastic one out. Slowly but surely all of the plastic is being recycled and getting out of my house!  Here are some tips I got from a YouTube video below






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