It’s A Boy!!!!

I am 5 months pregnant! I found out at my last doctors appointment that I am having a precious little boy!  This makes me extremely excited because that is exactly what I wanted.  I have a son and two daughters currently and I wanted to make the score even lol. Having another boy did just that.  I have a name and everything picked out perfectly!  At first I thought that I was having another girl.  The doctor, after checking to make sure that my son had all of his parts, then told me that my wish came true.  I almost cried on the bed. I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. I cannot wait to meet him this fall.  I have already started shopping for clothing items and cloth diapers.  I frequent the thrift store very often and I get lucky with a lot of the things that I find. I go every time that they have the 25% and 50% off sales and using their app helps me save even more.  I have also been looking in my favorite store, H&M, to see what cute little outfits I can get him before his arrival. 

So far my pregnancy has been absolutely wonderful and I havent had any nausea since my 10th week of being pregnant.  I can feel him moving now and that makes me feel good so now I can start to gather a  pattern of his sleep and wake cycle in case anything changes and I need to alert a doctor.  I have a hyperactive thyroid.  I have this same issue every time that I am pregnant. My doctor said that he is monitoring it and doesn’t think that I need treatment at this point.  They did additional blood work just to be on the safe side. I have been working on stress management because having children is not easy. I do deep breathing exercises and meditate as often as I can. Browsing T.J.Maxx and Ikea seem to relax me quite a bit and I have even picked up a few plants so that I can naturally purify the air in my home.  Next week I will officially be 6 months pregnant!!! Wish me luck guys.


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