Womanhood Doesn’t Have A Definition

Womanhood comes in many forms and many seem to belive that to be a woman you must be stereotypically feminine. You must love getting your hair and nails done. You must wear sassy and stylish clothes. You basically should be the ultimate girly girl. But what about us, those women who do not and don’t want to fit into this idea of womanhood. I enjoy sweatpants, I enjoy even looking a complete disaster when I feel like it. I wear ugly shoes, sometimes, they are comfortable. I don’t keep up on the latest fashion trends. By doing all of this I am stepping out of so called womanhood. Many women are viewed  as masculine for having short cuts or God forbid a woman shaves her head. She is viewed as less than a woman if she chooses to be childless and take charge of career. Women are constantly being stuffed in boxes that we just don’t fit in. We are free to make womanhood our own and live life as the woman we choose. Womanhood is something that shouldn’t have a standard we should follow. Womanhood should be simple. Woman hood should be as each individual woman wants it to be for herself.


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