Trust The Timing of Your Life

As I get older I am realizing and understanding things more clearly and many things do not bother me anymore. Many things also do not make sense to me as well. My relationship is more than likely going to end and I feel that is for the best. I am not happy at all in... Continue Reading →


Pregnancy Update: 21 weeks

I have been feeling really good these last couple of days.  My pregnancy has been a breeze so far. I havent had any major hip pain, which is a huge blessing for me. In my previous pregnancies, I was in pain almost everyday to the point of not wanting to move.  I think this is... Continue Reading →

Thrift Store Shopping

The thrift store is an amazing place to shop for children. It saves you money and it is also good for the environment.  You will be able to find many quality pieces of clothing for about 70% off, depending on what thrift store you decide to shop in.  My favorite thrift store is the Unique... Continue Reading →

It’s A Boy!!!!

I am 5 months pregnant! I found out at my last doctors appointment that I am having a precious little boy!  This makes me extremely excited because that is exactly what I wanted.  I have a son and two daughters currently and I wanted to make the score even lol. Having another boy did just... Continue Reading →

The Dirty Dozen and The Cleanest 12 List

The Dirty Dozen Peaches Apples Sweet bell peppers Celery Nectarines Strawberries Cherries Lettuce Grapes Pearson Spinach Potatoes The Cleanest 12 Onions Avocados Sweet corn (frozen) Asparagus Kiwis Bananas Cabbage Broccoli Eggplant From: Environmental Working Group,

Mommy Wars Within Families

It seems that many moms have the I know best attitude simply because they had children before you. Many neglect the uniqueness that each child brings to each family. Siblings are not guaranteed to all have the same easy going personality just because the first child was an angel. Some children are difficult and it... Continue Reading →

Womanhood Doesn’t Have A Definition

Womanhood comes in many forms and many seem to belive that to be a woman you must be stereotypically feminine. You must love getting your hair and nails done. You must wear sassy and stylish clothes. You basically should be the ultimate girly girl. But what about us, those women who do not and don't... Continue Reading →

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