Raising Children in Rape Culture

It’s a shame that society hasn’t caught on yet. Many people still belive that women are raped because of the way they dressed. Anyone who took a psychology class would know that rape is about power and control, not sexual satisfaction. But, then I see it time after time, a headline saying a 40 year old man had Sex with a 13 year old. In my head, I am thinking, that’s not Sex that is rape. Saying they had Sex is giving the idea that a 13 can consent to Sex with a grown man. They cannot and never will be able too. If you think a child wants to have Sex with old men, you might need an evaluation. But yet, I see it time and time again. Most of the ridiculous statements are made by men, which is sadly to be expected. Women also chimed in with their opinions of how a 13 year old can consent to Sex. Here I have 2 daughters and a son. I don’t want my son growing up thinking children desire Sex with adults. I don’t want him thinking her short shorts are an open invitation to invite his penis places it is not wanted. Sadly too many boys and girls are fed this message that rape is preventable if only a female didn’t wear this or go here. They are fed this message while society omits the facts that more than half of women and children raped, are raped by someone they know and trust. That fact completely throws the whole she looks like a slut justification out the window. Most children are raped by a male they trust, so that throws out the idea that children desire Sex with adults. People absorb these ridiculous notions that are never factual. Men who rape, rape solely because they are rapists, not because if anything the victim did or didn’t do. It has always been a dangerous world to live in as a female and a child. We are often blamed for our own deaths as if we should have known Josh was a potential murderer. If women had spider senses like that I can guarantee you rape and murder of women and children would be cut drastically. This is exactly what rape culture does. It allows for the rapists and pedophiles to not be seen as the deplorable people they are. It allows for the victims to be to blamed for why he can’t control himself. Raising children in Rape Culture worries me because too many parents believe untrue things about rape and then teach it to their young children who in turn grow up and say she asked for it.


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