Why I Absolutely love Babywearing


I have worn every single one of my babies and I definitely will be wearing my new baby when they arrive. I’ve  learned so much about different carriers and wraps. I will be purchasing a Lenny lamb and a new wrap once I find one I like. I live in a walk up apartment and sadly not on the 1st floor. My outings always include going up and down steps. My two older children are able to climb down but I still help them to make sure they don’t tumble down into the lobby. My Balboa shoulder sling has become my favorite baby carrier so far. It allows me to hold my two kids hands and safely walk down the steps and to the car without any problems. I would usually use my Patapum carrier but the Balboa is much easier to use for being on the go. Baby carriers provide safety and ease of travel with multiple children. I also get to bond with my babies while doing everyday tasks. My 1 year old is very calm and content most of the time do to wearing her alot. She is also happy to explore knowing that mommy is right there to help her if needed. Baby wearing makes shopping a breeze and allows me to have two free hands. A calm baby is more than enough for me to continue to wear my babies. The closeness that baby wearing gives makes it worth every penny spent on the right one and fit. I love seeing all the babies happily snuggled up against their moms or dads without a care in the world.

Shoulder sling

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