Feeding that picky eater

A picky eater can be worse than labor (not really, but you get my point). Some days they like vegetables and the next day, they want to have a tantrum at the very sound of the word. Picky eaters are far to common in motherhood. What did we do to deserve this? My son is extremely picky. I constantly try to remember all the things he will and will not eat and from there I give him the healthiest options available. I tried the method of only cooking your regular meals and not making any special meals for picky eaters but that didn’t work for my son. He can go on a hunger strike if I allowed it. So, I came up with other ways to get him to eat. He likes fruits (thank God!?, and lots of them, I keep a stock full of them in my fridge and on my countertops at all times. Since my son doesn’t like meat much I substitute meat protein with nut proteins and cooking his food in coconut oil for the healthy fats. If your child doesn’t like eggs, try fish since they come in many different flavors and textures, you’re bound to find one they he/she will like. Since my son likes pastas, I get organic pastas made out of wheat, every once and a while I will get pasta enriched with veggies such as spinach and tomatoes.  I make homemade French fries, no Ronald McDonald over here!  I eventually found any awesome book of kids recipes at the thrift store. My advice is to make the foods that your picky eater likes as healthy and possible and to cook them in ways that adds nutritional value to the food. Use coconut oil and red palm oil to cook and fry foods. Feed them nuts if they refuse to eat meat. Make fruit salads have smiley faces. Decorate whole wheat waffles with fruits and organic maple syrup. You have to become very crafty when it comes to feeding a picky eater. Do not worry, you are not a horrible mother because your child would rather eat a plate of crackers instead of the pot roast for dinner. Try different foods over time to get a variety in their diet. Do not stress, no one is a picky eater forever. It took some adjusting but I am finally able to feed my son a healthy diet based on the foods he likes by finding solutions to the foods he hates.


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