25th year reflections

My birthday is in a few days and I have been thinking. I have been thinking about my life so far and the things that I want to change. I want to completely reinvent my life from scratch. I want to change everything and how everything interacts with me. There may be some rambling in this post, so bare with me. I will be 26. I can’t believe it. I’m finally in my late 20s. It is pretty amazing. I have no issues with growing older as many people never get to see their 26th birthday. I look forward to getting older each year. And with each year I learn different things about myself. I value when people listen and remember the things I have to say. Many people do not realize that listening is a very important skill to have and remembering what people say is equally important. I remember what others tell me and I expect the same in return. I will no longer tolerate people who can’t return the favor in the future. I want a life that is full of happiness and people who make me happy. Being surrounded and involved with people who make me happy is beneficial to my well being. Friendships are the most important relationships I can have after the relationship that I have with my family. A healthier and greener lifestyle is something that I truly want to focus on. My body needs to be just as healthy as my mind, but sometimes it seems much harder to heal the body than the mind. I have incorporated a healthier diet into my children’s diet, now it is time that I do it for myself as well, since my health is just as important. Conversations with intelligent people is what I have been lacking mostly this year. With the exception of my wonderful brother, I don’t have many people I can have a deep and heartfelt or political or even a conversation about gardening with. My circle of people is limited and I want to expand on that. I feel that women should socialize and reach out to as many kind and like minded people as possible. I have been limiting my relationships with people and now it is time to expand on them. I need to take my friend up on that offer to go out and have a drink! I need to reply to messages and get myself out there. I need to explore this world and my opportunities,  as safely as possible lol. It may be hard at first, to completely reinvent my life, but it is something that I owe to myself. I no longer want to settle for things, people and situations in life that I truly do not desire. It will take some soul searching to learn what I truly want but so far I am off to a good start.



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