Raising Children in Rape Culture

It's a shame that society hasn't caught on yet. Many people still belive that women are raped because of the way they dressed. Anyone who took a psychology class would know that rape is about power and control, not sexual satisfaction. But, then I see it time after time, a headline saying a 40 year... Continue Reading →


Steel Cut Raisin Oatmeal with Chia Seeds

This is was my breakfast this morning and boy, was it good!!  I usually prefer steel cut over regular Oatmeal, even though I love the creaminess of regular Oatmeal.  I thought to add Chia seeds for added nutrients and saw that I had some raisins laying around. All went into the final bowl and ahhhh,... Continue Reading →

The Best Mom Cup Around

T.j. maxx has this giant latte cup for $4.99. I'm sure it was for their mother's day collection. I saw it last night and couldn't pass up the opportunity to get it. Momma has a new tea cup!

Feeding that picky eater

A picky eater can be worse than labor (not really, but you get my point). Some days they like vegetables and the next day, they want to have a tantrum at the very sound of the word. Picky eaters are far to common in motherhood. What did we do to deserve this? My son is... Continue Reading →

Homemade Banana Oatmeal

This delicious Oatmeal is perfect for babies who eat solid food and just perfect for the family in general. It contains all natural oatmeal, organic milk and organic bananas.  Depending on your brand of oatmeal, it should only take 1 to 5 minutes for it to be soft and mushy enough to eat. After it... Continue Reading →

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