Becoming a mother: my experience

I became a mom for the first time 3 years ago. I gave birth to a precious little boy. I was completely overjoyed. His birth did not go as planned and I ended up having a c-section do to a doctor who should be sued for malpractice since he later caused a woman to have a miscarriage. Since my son’s birth, I have given birth to, two more children. Life as a mom with three kids is a lot more complicated and fabulous than just having one. I get three times as many smiles and even more hugs.  Something has changed in me. By having my children, I found myself. I found out that anything that made children happy, I was immensely interested in it, immediately. I am constantly searching for ways to better parent my children and finding products that are safe and good for their health. Eventually I leaned towards living a more natural lifestyle. I started using less harsh chemicals on my children and switched to natural Shea Butter and African black soap (it’s amazing, you should try it) to moisturize and bathe my children. The difference in our skin is amazing. I even started making my house greener by switching to natural cleaning products. Being a mom has also made me more confident in my decision making as a person. At one point in time, I was nervous to do certain things. That is no longer an issue for me. Having to take care of people will certainly change your outlook on life and give you tools that you never knew were in your backpack. I learned to accept people as they are and that most times a person is never going to change, which is awful if that person is an asshole. I distance myself from those who are overtly negative because life is too long to be in constant company of people always finding the bad in everything, even when there is no bad to be found. Over time it has become a routine to protect myself from negativity. Becoming a mom is different for every woman. As long as the mom in question finds peace and does things that make her and her child(ren) happy, that is all that matters. Everyone will not parent like you and that is ok. Becoming a mom is all about finding yourself and growing along with your children.


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