Cloth diapering: 2 months in

Picture from recent eBay purchase

I have been using cloth diapers for about two months now and I love it. I do not discriminate when it comes to the brands that I use. I buy mostly from ebay, so that I can get the most bang for my buck. I started off with mainly pockets but now I have added fitted cloth diapers and all-in-one diapers as well. My favorite fitted diapers are green Mountain diapers and I use my grovia all in 2’s as covers since they fit more snuggly on my small baby. I usually wash my diapers using the plunger and bucket method. I feel that my diapers are much cleaner than when I use a front loading washing machine. I do a pre rinse with detergent and follow up with two washes and then two rinses. I do this because it takes me some time to make sure that each diaper is properly agitated and has been throughly cleaned and rinsed of detergent. I will still take my diapers to the laundromat but I feel like they do not get as clean. It could just be because the laundromat by my way needs to order new machines. Sigh. I completely transitioned my toddler out of disposables and into cloth. At first I was hesitant because she makes poops alot, ha! Fleece liners quickly helped me fix that problem. Poop washes of them incredibly fast. I was not expecting that.


I made them out of an old fleece blanket that I had. I have switched detergent because it was not cleaning my diapers as efficiently as needed. I was using xtra with oxiclean before but I have recently switched to tide. So far with tide I have seen an improvement. I have been stalking eBay to find deals that will help me increase my stash so that I don’t have to wash all of the time. I was everyday now because I don’t want a huge build up of diapers. I would prefer to have one large load but I haven’t worked up the nerve for that yet even though the idea thrills me. I have ordered more diapers and I think my stash will be completed then. I will give every 4 days a try in between washing my diapers.  Wish me luck. Well, that’s basically it. Using cloth has become a new routine for me and I love having to just walk right past disposable diapers and spend that money on something that will last much longer.

How I currently store my diapers........I will need more space soon.

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