Cloth diapering for newbies: cloth 101


Using cloth diapers for your baby is not as hard or difficult as many people would like to think. Using cloth diapers will definitely save you money in the long run. Using disposable diapers will cost you over $1,000 a year. That is a lot of money to literally throw in the trash! With cloth diapers you do not have to worry about that price unless of course you buy a  $1,000 worth of diapers. Most of the time you can get a cloth diaper stash for under $300. If you buy used diapers, like I did, you will save even more. OK now on to the good stuff. Washing your diapers is quite easy especially if you have your own washer and dryer either in your home or in your apartment complex. If you do not have either you can always hand wash or take your diapers to the laundromat. Diapers that are wet with urine only need to be placed in a hamper or wetbag (a waterproof bag designed for storing dirty cloth diapers until wash day) and then washed when you go to clean your diapers. Poop on the other hand is kind of messy. There is no way around not cleaning poop regardless of whether you use cloth or disposables. Babies who are exclusively breastfeed are the easiest to cloth diaper because their poop is water soluble and will wash off like urine. When your baby is on solids then the poops get more complicated. Rinsing diapers off in the sink, a bucket or toilet before washing is necessary. You cannot put poop in the washing machine. Once you get used to Rinsing poop away, it get easier and easier. I suggest that you use a mainstream detergent like tide, gain, arm & hammer, even xtra detergent since they all get diapers clean and rid them of both urine and poop. Use the heavily soiled option on your diapers so that they will be cleaned of all fecal matter. You can dry your diapers in the dryer like you would your regular clothes.


OK, now on to the actual diapers themselves.  The diapers pictured above are green Mountain diapers. They are made of absorbent natural fibers. These are simply cloth diapers. They need a waterproof cover made out of waterproof material such as pul
In order to not wet clothing or leak. These are very good for absorbing pee.

Picture from ebay purchase
Picture from ebay purchase

The diapers pictured above are called all in one’s or AIO. They are the most similar to cloth diapers. They are waterproof and have absorbent material sewn in the middle to catch pee and poop.



These are pocket diapers. They are lined with micro-fleece to wick moisture away from the baby’s bottom. You stuff these diapers with absorbent materials such as microfiber or  natural fibers like cotton, hemp or bamboo. These diapers are also one-size. They fit newborns until about 35lbs and can be adjusted to fit each baby according to their size.
These are just some of the basics of cloth diapering so that you can have an idea if cloth diapers are for you. There are many more options with cloth diapers, that I will explain in another post after I experience them myself.


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