Going green in the kitchen


My kitchen is slowly becoming and I am constantly trying to find ways to save money for my household and live a healthier life for my family and for the earth. I have done a few simple things to make my kicthen more green. I have switched out paper towels for dishcloths because they are more absorbent and can be reused again and again. I bought some on sale at target for $2.77 for a 5 pack. I bought 2 packs so that I could use them and some to spare when they are being washed or drying. So far using them has been sucessful. I am able to clean up a spill or mess, ring it out and use it again to finish cleaning. Once the dishcloth is too dirty to be used, it goes in the dirty laundry bin to be washed. I recycle all of my plastic, paper, glass and metal products. I used method products because they do not contain harsh chemicals like the other mainstream household cleaners. I am in love with their natural all purpose cleaner that is also a antibacterial. I use it to clean the kitchen and bathroom. I also use it to spray my furniture and carpets to prevent smells. So far, so good. I use a natural bottle cleaner for my infant’s bottles. The less harsh chemicals the better. My two favorite products are seventh generation natural dish cleaner. I swear by it. My dishes are always clean and my hands never dry out. For my floors I use better life floor cleaner. A little bit goes a long way. A $5 bottle has lasted me for 4 months now. These are just a few ways I keep my kitchen green.


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