Ammonia in my cloth diapers

OK, where do I start? I ordered some pre loved diapers on ebay. They were a great deal, 26 diapers for $70. They came in the mail and I was shocked at the condition they were in. They were terribly stained and stiff like boards. They had never been washed in a mainstream detergent, which is a terrible thing to do. I promise you, your cloth diapers will survive arm & hammer detergent. As a result of this, the urine in the inserts never washed completely out. I bleach soaked them to sanitize them and then I took them to the laundromat to be washed. I washed them throughly. They smelt fine to me when they came out the dryer. I was so wrong in my assumption that my diapers were clean. Fast forward, today was the first day I used the inserts from the lot I bought. My daughter took one pee and they reaked of ammonia. Not good!!! My first thought was to strip them. It did not work! They still smelt awful! So, I decided let me try something else. I rinsed my diapers in hot water and dollar tree’s LA totally awesome oxygen orange base cleaner. I used about 6 scoops. I let it sit for an hour. The water was nice and brown by then. After that came another wash with detergent and more dollar tree base cleaner. The water was still brown but got lighter with each wash. I used hot water for each wash. I washed the inserts 4 times with hot water until all the brown water was clear. Now I had a new problem, I had to wash all of the detergent and base cleaner out. I continued washing and rinsing until the water no longer had bubbles in it. This took about 45 minutes. I rinsed one last time and my diapers were finally clean and free of ammonia! They smell fresh and not like mildew or ammonia . I found my own way of stripping my diapers with detergent.  I realized that for me hand washing my diapers with my plunger is a lot more effective in getting my diapers clean.


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  1. thanks for posting! i have been having this problem with my diapers and I have no idea why! I am going to try this thanks so much for posting an affordable easy option for getting them clean!


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