Baby food: avocado and oatmeal puree

This was my 8 month Olds breakfast this morning. I blended up, a fourth of an avocado, 2 tablespoons of plain, natural oatmeal and 2 tablespoons of milk. It came out creamy and smooth. My baby loved it. This is a very healthy breakfast for mothers who do not like to use jar food. I... Continue Reading →


My DIY ring sling

Tonight I made my own ring sling. The fabric I used was quilters cotton. It is not recommended in a single layer but it is OK to use in a double layer, and that is exactly what I did. I had enough material to fold it in half. I ordered 3 yards of fabric. I... Continue Reading →

Going green in the kitchen

My kitchen is slowly becoming and I am constantly trying to find ways to save money for my household and live a healthier life for my family and for the earth. I have done a few simple things to make my kicthen more green. I have switched out paper towels for dishcloths because they are... Continue Reading →

Sewing machine problems

I recently purchased a singer promise sewing machine. I wanted to sew my flour sack towels into inserts so that I would no longer have to fold them to stuff my pocket diapers. I was able to sew about three into inserts. Then my needle broke two times in a row. Now mind you, I... Continue Reading →

Balboa baby ring sling

I love Target, I think most moms do. I went a few days ago and I always check out the sale section for children or clearance in the baby isles. I happen to come across this ring sling. It was priced  at $17.98 even though it was originally priced for much more as you can... Continue Reading →

Ammonia in my cloth diapers

OK, where do I start? I ordered some pre loved diapers on ebay. They were a great deal, 26 diapers for $70. They came in the mail and I was shocked at the condition they were in. They were terribly stained and stiff like boards. They had never been washed in a mainstream detergent, which... Continue Reading →

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