How to make a fitted Hybrid Cloth Diaper

Here Keami, shows us how to make a hybrid cloth diaper. I found this video to be very helpful.  You can check out her blog post and blog here sewmanythingskimi blog.


Used cloth diapers haul and experience

These are the cloth diapers that I bought for $32. I received 22 inserts and 11 diapers. 2 inserts for each diaper, basically. They are not in perfect condition but they are in good condition. 2 have some loose elastic but noting that I couldn't fix easily. The orange one had a tear in the... Continue Reading →

How to stock up on cloth diapers for cheap

If you are like me and are new to cloth diapers, you may be surprised at how expensive cloth diapers can be. When you think about it they are expensive for a reason! If you cloth diaper your first child from birth until potty training, you will not have to buy diapers ever again for... Continue Reading →


Day 1 of cloth diapering

As some of you may know, I just started using cloth diapers. My stash is not large enough to get rid of all my disposable diapers just yet. I will be buying more and then I will give away my disposables to a mommy in need. I used my Cloth cloth diapers on both my... Continue Reading →


Finally receiving my used cloth diapers

These are the four kawaii cloth diapers that I ordered from ebay. I also received 7 microfiber inserts as well. CinnamonThey are light pink as you can see from the picture. They came in amazing condition. The elastic is still strong and all of the materials are intact. I paid $20.75 for this lot and... Continue Reading →


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