You don’t look like you have children!


So, there is this little drawing, picture, or whatever the hell it is, going around the internet. I find it to be quite hilarious because I have never seen a mother look like the poor, destroyed lady on the left. Now, don’t get me wrong, most days I crawl out of bed in my 2 day old pajamas and my afro looking like my hairdresser hates me and everything I stand for. But for the most part of my life I try to look at least presentable. I would like to think that most mothers do. People have this idea that moms are supposed to look like that nice lady on the left, when in reality, mothers do not and I repeat do not look like that (I wonder who started that awful lie). We look good! Some of us are very crafty and can apply a full face of makeup, with eyelashes in less than 10 minutes. That takes skill, I don’t care what anybody says. So, when someone says to me “oh, you don’t look like you have kids!” I usually reply with “how am I supposed to look? Should my hair be falling out or should I look like I just smoked some crack?” They usually leave me alone after that. I tell people children don’t break you down, they build you up and make you better than ever. I have so many new skills that I never knew existed until I had children, like being able to see through walls, to catch my kids climbing on furniture. See, kids make you an x-man. I guess in some strange way people mean it as a compliment but at the same time it is insulting to moms who enjoy yoga pants(people must not know they were made by Gods) and t-shirts instead of the latest fashions. I personally belive you can look good in both, all depending on how you style yourself. So, people please stop telling us moms that we don’t look like moms. Being a mom doesn’t have a look, even though the baby in the carrier might be a give away. It has a feeling that no one understands unless you have children. It’s a love that cannot be conquered.


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