Stop counting my children!

I am tired of people acting like having three kids is the equivalent to owning a football team. No, my children are not burdens to me. No, I do not think that my life has been hindered or reduced because I can’t go to the club and shake my ass every friday. Yes, I enjoy waking up early to smiling faces, ready to eat their breakfast and watch some YouTube videos. It really isn’t as awful as some folks would like to make it. If you don’t like kids, then yeah, you don’t get me and that is fine. If one more person asks if I am going to have more, I’ll scream. They are not asking this in a polite or touching way. They are asking this to be nosey and insinuate that I already have too many children. I will have as many children as I desire as long as I am able to take care of them. Every single person(outside of family) interested in  how many children I will reproduce hasn’t put food on my table or gave me a helping hand. I am starting to believe that in America, we have become preoccupied with having as little to with with family and especially children as possible. We want to applaud the mom with one or two children and condemn the mom with three or more. It is truly interesting.  I look at my kids every night and not once do I wonder about why I have three instead of two or one. I don’t think any mom does. Moms do not sit around counting our children and we want you to stop counting for us!!


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