How to cloth diaper and not go BROKE!!


Picture from eBay listing.

Shockingly, it is very possible to buy cloth diapers without spending $20 on a diaper. When you need about 24 diapers to cloth diaper one child, that price is outrageous, especially if you buy it in a one time purchase. Don’t even get me started on trying to cloth diaper two children, which is what I am currently doing. You need almost double to accomplish that goal but thanks to eBay I am able to do it without spending a fortune. Today, I’m going to show you how to cloth diaper without spending a bunch of money. I mean, come on the whole point of cloth diapering is to save money and the environment, so why not start that way in the beginning? I’ve built up my entire stash by buying used and good condition cloth diapers off of ebay. I am able to get 5 diapers for $20 dollars at a time. I just bought 9 cloth diapers with inserts last night for $30 dollars. Buying used helps recycle cloth diapers so that new ones aren’t constantly being made which helps the environment and it saves you a lot of money compared to purchasing a brand new diaper each time you need to add a diaper to your stash. The website eBay is going to be your cloth diapering friend. Now, I know that some people are cringing at the thought of buying used diapers. I can assure you that washing your diapers in the washing machine is enough to get your diapers clean and ready to use, as long as you use a real detergent and rinse well. Now let’s get started on how I do this. I browse eBay by typing “used cloth diapers” into the search box. After that, I refine my search by the lowest price with shipping costs. You can find diapers for as low as $6 a diaper. The auctions are another way to score a huge lot of diapers without spending a hefty price tag. Now, I must warn you that those auctions get pretty intense. I was quite upset last night when I lost a bid by a dollar for 14 cloth diapers in excellent condition. I lost by $1!! The final cost with shipping was $46, just $46, which is an astonishing deal. You must be quick when bidding but never go outside of your budget. Sometimes it is better to just go with the “buy it now” option so you know exactly how much you are going to pay and then you can plan accordingly. $25 on eBay can go a long way when purchasing diapers. Another place to purchase cloth diapers for cheap is Craigslist. Go to the for sale section and check the baby and kids tab. Type in cloth diapers in the search box and you will find a whole bunch of mommies selling their old stash. Kidizen is an app that you can download into your phone. It is full of moms selling handmade and used goods. Search for cloth diapers in the app and you will find some great deals. Well guys these are some of the things I learned while building my stash and not becoming bankrupt in the process.


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