Hand washing cloth diapers with a plunger


Today my pile of cloth diapers started growing and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer to wash them. I started looking up more efficient ways to clean cloth diapers at home. I had previously been washing each and every diaper and insert by hand in my bathroom sink. Boy! It took forever for me to clean them in the sink. I came across using a plunger  after watching a YouTube video.  I will post the video below. This woman used a plunger to clean her diapers and the whole time I watched the video I thought, this can’t be true, it cannot be this easy. I was wrong, it really is that easy. I put all my cloth diapers in the tub along with all of my inserts. I didn’t have a clean plunger and I refused to use the one for my toilet. I went to dollar tree and bought a new one for a dollar. I love dollar tree! After all of that, I filled the bath tub up with cold water and rinsed the diapers and agitated them. I let them drain and then I rinsed them again with warm water and agitated them and plunged them as if I was going to unclog my toilet. I then drained the water for a second time. Next I filled the tub with hot water and added my detergent. I continued to agitate  and continued using the plunger to plunge my diapers in the water. Using a plunger pulls the water through the diapers and inserts, thus getting out all of the urine, poop and grime. I drained the tub once again. After that, I did two cold rinses to get the detergent out and voila! My diapers are clean and I am so happy to have found this method. My cloth diapers routine is now officially free, since I air dry as well. Here is the video that inspired me.


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