Bum Joy cloth diapers review




Photos from ebay listing.

I recently ordered these off of eBay. As you can see they are in excellent conditon. The elastic is like new. These were originally made by a woman who was popular on esty but I can no longer find her cloth diapers and that is disappointing because she made great quality diapers. My daughter was leaking through her other diapers and night. I tried the Bum Joy diapers last night with two inserts and my baby woke up dry! They were pretty bulky but they still fit comfortably on her and had enough absorbency to last the whole night without being completely soaked in the morning. My baby slept peacefully.  I wish that I was able to order more so that I could have a bigger stash of diapers to use overnight but for now these will have to do. These are one size and even though they look quite large they become small enough to fit my 15lbs baby snuggly. They also fit my 2 year old comfortably as well. The bright colors are to die for and I love the blue fleece and green fleece used for the pocket. If anyone knows where these are being made or sold currently, please let me know.


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