My thoughts on recently becoming a stay at home mom


There is something magical about being able to see every moment with your child, to be able to wake up to their smiling faces every morning and to be able to put them to sleep each night. I love being able to know that all of their food is shopped for, bought and made by me. It truly is an amazing experience.  I find it to be a blessing that my SO’s income is enough for me to be able to stay home full time. I work part time on the weekends for a few hours because my job is extremely flexible. I chose to stay home after the birth of our third child and I am so happy that I did. I did not get to stay home with my first two children because I was both working and in school. That type of schedule did not allow much room for me to spend a lot of time tending to my children. Everything felt like a rush so that I could accomplish my school work and get ready for my shift at work as well. I truly do not miss the workday struggle and I certainly hated the traffic! I cherish the moments that I have now to be able to mold my children into wonderful and gentle little people. Raising children is a full time job in itself and the rewards are very much worth it. I love the idea of having each day go as I want without worrying about daycare or any other place that I have to rush to and from. My children enjoy me being home and it has definitely made our relationship stronger.  It has even brought me and my SO closer in our relationship as well, which makes our family stronger and happier.


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