Why I do not like microfiber inserts.

I have been religiously  cloth diapering my infant for the past few days. A lot of my cloth diapers came with microfiber inserts. At first, I thought that was a great and spectacular thing. Boy, was I wrong. Microfiber inserts are known to have compression leaks. I did not know that! A compression leak is when pressure is applied to the insert, such as when you baby is sleeping and as a result the urine is pushed out into the diaper and thus soaking the diaper, making it leak. I was wondering why my diapers kept leaking even though the PUL on my diaper is still intact. After speaking to a few moms who also cloth diaper and have been for much longer than me, I learned about compression leaks. They educated me on the use of flour sacks as an alternative insert for diapers. They also educated me on bamboo and charcoal as a better material for me to cloth diaper with. As of now, I have purchased some flour sacks to use in my diapers instead of the microfibers. I will still use the microfibers for diapers and put some to use for cleaning. I will start my research on charcoal and bamboo inserts fairly soon. I am trying to make my house zero waste one step at a time and I am slowly achieving my goal.


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