Used cloth diapers haul and experience


These are the cloth diapers that I bought for $32. I received 22 inserts and 11 diapers. 2 inserts for each diaper, basically. They are not in perfect condition but they are in good condition. 2 have some loose elastic but noting that I couldn’t fix easily. The orange one had a tear in the PUL, which disappointed me because I really liked the color. I will use it for a short time during the day until I find a way to repair the PUL.  These are a much better fit for my daughter than the kawaii one size diapers with velcro that I previously bought. I prefer snaps over velcro. This lot included 7 fuzzibunz diapers and 4 MG baby diapers. I will be purchasing from ebay again and I am going to look into learning how to make my own cloth diapers as well. I am very happy that I have made the switch and I am still learning day by day and I plan to stick with cloth diapering until my baby is potty trained.


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