Finally receiving my used cloth diapers

Picture from seller on ebay

These are the four kawaii cloth diapers that I ordered from ebay. I also received 7 microfiber inserts as well. CinnamonThey are light pink as you can see from the picture. They came in amazing condition. The elastic is still strong and all of the materials are intact. I paid $20.75 for this lot and that price includes the shipping cost. I am very new to the cloth diapering world. I haven’t even used them yet. I took them to the laundry mat after I received them in the mail and washed them using arm and hammer sensitive laundry detergent. I washed them using hot water. I then took them home and soaked them in bleach and water for 30 minutes. After that I throughly rinsed them a few times and now they are air drying. I did not strip them as they were in quite clean when I received them. I read a few blogs and learned that sanitizing the diapers is the most important step to kill all the bacteria that may be present in the diapers from previous use and it’s just a good thing to kill bacteria in any clothing that is used. I am very excited to use them tomorrow once they have dried. I plan on using them on my infant and my toddler since they are one size and fits the weights of 8lbs to 36lbs. This should be an interesting journey. I will be posting my experience soon.


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