Day 1 of cloth diapering

As some of you may know, I just started using cloth diapers. My stash is not large enough to get rid of all my disposable diapers just yet. I will be buying more and then I will give away my disposables to a mommy in need. I used my Cloth cloth diapers on both my 7 month old and my 2 year old. My two year old pooped in the diaper so she is giving me my first experience with washing poop(pray for me). After she pooped, I put a disposable back on her so that I could use the other diapers for the rest of the day on my 7 month old. I put the poop in the toilet and rinsed it off. After that, I filled a large bucket of water and put detergent in it and let it soak. I then scrubbed it out and let it soak again in hot water alone. I scrubbed all of the poop out during hand washing them and then hung them to dry. I left my inserts for later since I already have a few to spare so I have some time to be lazy. I plan on getting a small portable washer to help make cleaning them easier. So far I can say that I am enjoying cloth diapering very much!


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