You don’t look like you have children!

So, there is this little drawing, picture, or whatever the hell it is, going around the internet. I find it to be quite hilarious because I have never seen a mother look like the poor, destroyed lady on the left. Now, don't get me wrong, most days I crawl out of bed in my 2... Continue Reading →


Stop counting my children!

I am tired of people acting like having three kids is the equivalent to owning a football team. No, my children are not burdens to me. No, I do not think that my life has been hindered or reduced because I can't go to the club and shake my ass every friday. Yes, I enjoy... Continue Reading →

Picture from eBay listing. Shockingly, it is very possible to buy cloth diapers without spending $20 on a diaper. When you need about 24 diapers to cloth diaper one child, that price is outrageous, especially if you buy it in a one time purchase. Don't even get me started on trying to cloth diaper two... Continue Reading →

Bum Joy cloth diapers review

Photos from ebay listing. I recently ordered these off of eBay. As you can see they are in excellent conditon. The elastic is like new. These were originally made by a woman who was popular on esty but I can no longer find her cloth diapers and that is disappointing because she made great quality... Continue Reading →

Why I do not like microfiber inserts.

I have been religiously  cloth diapering my infant for the past few days. A lot of my cloth diapers came with microfiber inserts. At first, I thought that was a great and spectacular thing. Boy, was I wrong. Microfiber inserts are known to have compression leaks. I did not know that! A compression leak is... Continue Reading →

Video: Parenting a difficult/ strong-willed child

I recently watched this video on">YouTube and I found it to be very informational. I have a child that I consider strong willed and I am hoping to change some of my parenting style to better suit his needs. I hope this video is helpful for those who may be going through a similar circumstance.

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