Thrift store find: summer infant slumber buddies




This is my latest Thrift store find for my children. I recently stopped Co sleeping with my kids and I wanted them to still feel safe and comforted while they slept so I headed to the Thrift store to see if I could find anything that would fit my need. I was specifically looking for a night light or some other small light that could be substituted for a night light. As I was going through the aisles, I saw this frog. The price made me happy right away, plus there was an extra 25 percent off Sale. That was another selling point. I turned it on and it still worked and I was quite pleased with how it has three different light colors. They are blue, green and red. It also features 4 different sounds and songs to help soothe children to sleep. I used it last night and wait was magical. My kids slept the whole night in their own room and didn’t wake up one time. This frog is discontinued by the manufacturer but they have other styles such as a sheep and elephant that do the same thing. The retail price for those is $24.99.


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